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Misc photos from parents and grandparents, some in frames, some in albums, some loose.

Copyright @ The Organized Sort

Digital photo files: 52 CDs and DVDs, 5 thumb drives, 4 memory cards, and photos from 2 laptops.

47 albums and scrapbooks.

Physical photographs not in albums: 10 boxes of photos, 1 binder + 1 envelope + 1 box of negatives, 18 carousels of slides.

Photo Organizing -

Digital and Paper

First we gathered all the digital and paper photos. Then the sorting and scanning begins! What you are left with are all your photos digitized and backed up. This frees you to toss 70-80% of the paper photos you are currently storing. You can toss 100% of the CDs and DVDs and reuse the thumb drives and memory cards. You will have all your images in one place, and the most precious photographs will be displayed and/or stored appropriately....finally!